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How I found My Way Online

I would like to start by letting you all know a little bit about how I got here and why I’m working online.

Lets go back 10 years, I’m a successful business owner, love working, a proud grandpa and life is good, and then one cold snowy night out of nowhere I was the victim of a violet crime.

Shot in the Head and Left for Dead!

Yes it is a miracle that I’m hear but that’s another story. Back then I didn’t even have a computer or a email address it was only after my daughter suggested I get a P.C. because it might help in my recovery with my memory and focus. It was great therapy. I got interested in the idea of being able to work from home, and started my long journey to find a way to work from home. didn’t have much choice, couldn’t work any more, disabled from my ordeal. The computer became my best friend and great therapy for my mind.

This report is an effort to help those of you who are looking for a way to work from home for what ever reason. It is just basic good information in layman’s language, it holds true for online as well as life in general. It is based on a acronym I came up with that made good sense to me and to this day I keep it posted on my PC as a constant reminder of what it takes to be successful.

Just the Simple Facts!

When you decide you want to start a online business it is very exciting. There is so much to learn.. You may find so much to focus on and then you end up doing nothing, and you wind up with information overload.

Nearly everyone who begins in internet marketing has been in this position. It usually goes like this: You are new to internet marketing and you learn of something that really gets your motor running. However, that leads to learning about something else but slightly different. And then that second thing leads you to something else. Soon you are so far off from what you were originally looking at you don’t know quite where you are anymore, lost any ready to give up, but don’t despair help is on the way.

  • F.A.C.T.S
  • T-TIME

The key is to focus..

Here are some tips on keeping your focus.

1. Pick a method and stick with it.. Then stick with it long enough to have actually taken ACTION. Reading and learning are great but you won’t make a dime until you take some action.


To be successful in life, you must be at peace with action. You can’t be a winner if you never get started. The foundation for success is action. Your present condition is determined by your past actions (or inaction) but the future is determined by actions you take now


Well, stop. You start down the path to failure the moment you start thinking about giving up.

The fact is, most people never do manage to earn a serious income online. And the reason is quite simple: they give up. They stop trying. They decide that it all seems too difficult, and they go to do something else.

One of the best ways I found to stay committed is to figure out my WHYs why am I doing this, for me, my kid,financial freedom, to fire my boss,? It has to be so strong that it will keep you going when all else is telling you to stop, give up, quit, your WHYs will help you stay FOCUSED and COMMITTED and in TIME you will fine SUCCESS

Do not be discouraged! Yes, many people fail. But the main reason they do so is because they do not take it seriously and end up quitting.

If you keep going, eventually you will find  success and be living your dreams.

I am here to help you,give me a call or email me: thanks Jack Gordon