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This Bio might seem a little extreme, but it’s who I am and how I got here so enjoy the story.
It was a cold winter night and I picked up a fare and as I turned to collect my money I ran into the barrel of a sawed of rifle held against my head,” that’s right he said, give me your money” I said no problem who cares about money and reach into my pocket to get my money and then before I could get the money out of my pocket he shot me point blank.
Greetings, my name is Jack Gordon, I’m 70yrs old, married for 46yrs, have two children and four grand kids. We moved to the rural area of Northeastern Washington some 37 years ago. We settled on a nice piece of land 40 acres over looking the Kettle River and started to build are own home and raise are kids in the best way we knew how, a nice garden and great water, a beautiful view and lots of hard work.

After 15 or so years the kids were ready for higher education so we decided to move closer to town, we sold the farm and bought a 5 acre place just outside of Spokane Washington. We still had gardens and animals and the kids finished school and Barb and I joined the empty nesters club. During this time I had a couple of businesses, a catering co. And then a taxi co. Barb opened a dog school and life was good, then out of nowhere the unexpected happened.


He was just a 20 year old kid and I never saw it coming, he took the money and ran leaving me for dead, some how I managed to call for help before I passed out, and was found by the medics and the police, I don’t remember any of what followed, but I can only guess that the good Lord just wanted my attention and it wasn’t my time. After 2 days to stabilize me and operating on me for 9 hours, I was alive and on my way back from the dead.

It’s been Seven years now, lots of physical therapy and some great help from a pain management, psychologist, and best of all the wonderful support of my family and friends. I hope somehow to pay them and the community back for taking such good care of me.

I do love to work but the reality is that I had to find something that I can do from home.

This is how I found my way to looking at the Internet as a means to an end. I started by attending a couple of seminars, that was enough to get my motor running. I started to research and read all I could, I spent a lot of time on the Internet, asking a lot of questions and looking at a lot of opportunities.

At first it was all Greek to me, I’m not a techie and I knew nothing of marketing. It didn’t take me long to see that about 90% of what I saw was a waste of time. I spent a lot of money and time and after learning what not to do, I pulled back and took a break and had to make some big decisions.

I knew one thing for sure I needed help. You know I was always ready to take a risk to better myself and my family, but this time I was in way over my head. What do I do? Where do I go? Who do I trust? I do know one thing I’m not going to quite. Give Up! Never.

Well you can see I never gave up,I learned affiliate marketing and how to build niche sites and make some good money from adsense and affiliate programs.I do allot of Senior Consulting to help other old timers like myself learn how to make a couple of extra bucks. and I love helping others .

Focus, Mind Set, Massive Action = Massive Change and Massive Return. I can do this and help others at the same time.

We Are ALL ONE   Smile and watch it go viral

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